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End of summer superb meals – Part I

Schools starts back in less than a week and it’s still sticky and hot outside. Here at Foodies Galore summer just FLEW by! But it’s not over yet.

As Labour Day weekend approaches many Canadians continue to take advantage of fantastic weather to enjoy perhaps one last big BBQ. We thought this topic would be a delicious way to welcome our readers back. Foodies Galore is looking forward to sharing great ideas about food, health and family as we embrace the end of summer and launch into a fresh Fall routine.

And speaking of BBQ … Chef Michael Smith presents a scrumptious method to grill rib eye steak. Steakhouse Butter is a common signature recipe for fine restaurants world wide. As always, Chef Michael shows us how simple it is to create our own steak butter.

Watch this short video from his series Food Country with Chef Michael Smith and notice your mouth water for a delicious grilled steak with steakhouse butter.

We would love to hear from you. So please write a comment below and let this community in on your BBQ traditions and delights!