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End of summer superb meals – Part II

It’s around mid-day in North America and there’s still time to plan that Labour Day, end-of-summer BBQ. Tomorrow, routines and schedules begin full-swing as school starts up again. But let’s not hinge our thoughts on that today.

Instead, linger your thoughts on the unbeatable aroma of garden veggies and fresh meat grilling on the BBQ. Guaranteed, dinner on the back patio will be enjoyed by many today.

Not feeling creative? No worries. Planning a delicious BBQ is as easy as opening your produce crisper and freezer door!

First, check your garden. Any veggies ready to harvest? Zucchini, eggplant, potatoes, peppers and squash are fantastic on the grill.

Preparation is as simple as tossing thick slices of these fresh beauties with olive oil, herbs and salt and pepper. Then place them on a medium grill – either right on the grill rack or a foil tray – and lightly brush them with BBQ sauce or leftover herbed-oil from your mixing bowl. Don’t forget to turn your veggies often while on the grill to produce a gorgeous and even char.

Now, check your freezer. Any meat will do. Foodies Galore recommends marinating your meat for at least 2 hours before grilling.

A SUPERB marinade for meat on the BBQ

a dash of Balsamic Vinegar

a dash of Soy Sauce


Rosemary / Thyme / Basil

and Pepper

Don’t forget to get your grill good and fiery hot before placing the meat on it. Searing both sides of the outer layer of any meat on the BBQ keeps it juicy and moist. Turn the heat down after the first 30 to 40 seconds and put the lid down.


Brush on your favourite BBQ sauce every minute or so and turn the meat often. You may test if the inside is cooked simply by poking the meat with a BBQ prong or knife. When the juice runs clear – it’s cooked.

Always allow BBQ meat to rest 5 minutes before eating. Your steak will be even juicier and more tender 🙂

You don’t have a BBQ?

No problem!

Here’s a neat trick for enjoying the flavour of BBQ straight from your oven…

Heat up your oven to the highest temperature.

Seat a flat metal baking pan underneath the grill rack. (You may wish to clean your rack first then spray with cooking oil.)

Marinate your veggies and meat as described for the BBQ and follow the same method.

EXCEPTION: When roasting veggies or meat in your oven, you must allow more time between turning. Don’t forget to baste at every turn and stay attentive to the oven. At high temperatures, meat and veggies burn quick.

Finally – here’s a sure-win recipe for meat lovers:

Wrap Maple Bacon around your favourite hot dogs and place them on the grill. Turn often and cover with the lid only intermittently. If you leave the lid down the whole time, your bacon won’t crisp. Be sure to brush on your favourite BBQ sauce and when the bacon is crisp, your bacon-wrapped hot dog is ready for the bun.

So, what are you waiting for? Get your grill on and enjoy the sunshine!

Happy Labour Day 🙂