Martha Stewart

Martha Stewart‘s famous one-pot pasta recipe has revolutionized how we cook pasta.

This savy businesswoman, author and television personality combines fettuccine with all the fixings in one pot for a scrumptious and hearty meal.

Foodies Galore LOVES this method, and in fact we developed a one-pot pasta dish of our own – Creamy Mac n’ Cheese. It’s super simple and put a huge smile on our little one’s face 🙂

§ Celebrating Pasta with Ease §

We encourage you to give this method a try. All you need is a skillet (a.k.a. frying pan). Combine your favourite pasta with your favourite ingredients in the skillet at the same time. Add your liquid (ie. water or broth). Cover. And 10 minutes later your meal is done.

Enjoy this short clip, and let us know if you’re thinking of trying this neat-o method yourself.